Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 9001, is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems, applicable to all companies, regardless of type, size, product or service. It is used by Certification Bodies to audit the organization’s ability to meet customer, regulatory and the organization’s own requirements.
The implementation of a Quality Assurance System removes the stress of uncertainty, duty one through the system are reviewed and determined effectively the main roles and responsibilities of each position. This is a positive incentive for employees. Also, the procedures shall be reviewed and documented, which can achieve significant cost savings through more efficient operations and increase productivity. Defective products or services are greatly reduced and are only in early stages through the procedures. Of them achieved an improvement that contributes to fewer losses, fewer products or services do not meet the specified requirements, and therefore fewer customer complaints. The image of an organization improves and customers see that their orders are normally performed without problems, according to their requirements and delivered on time. This in turn can mean increase in customers and open new opportunities and market prospects.